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Most CopWin Items have been Discontinued (see below)!

COP-WIN/HRV/BP System Cardiac Output Program with automatic BP acquisition. This system includes Software, Manuals, USB Data Acquisition Processor, Signal Interface Unit, Tango Blood Pressure Monitor (1 cuff), and connecting cables for the model HIC-2500 impedance cardiograph (may be used with Minnesota 304B impedance cardiograph please advise us when ordering). This system acquires Cardiac Performance Data, BP data (automatic computation of TPR & TPRI), and RRI data (for HRV analysis)! [Note: This system does NOT include an impedance cardiograph, to purchase this system with an integrated impedance cardiograph call us about model HIC-4000I/T.
COP-WIN/HRV (H or M) Standard System
Cardiac Output Program for Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7: The system includes Software, Manuals, Microstar Data Acquisition Processor and Signal Interface Unit with connecting cables for the impedance cardiograph models This system acquires Cardiac Performance Data, and RRI data for HRV analysis (BP data may be manually entered for computation of TPR & TPRI). HIC-2000/2500 or Min 304B (add -H or -M, respectively when ordering).
Microstar Model 840 DAP(data acquisition processor module requires one 11 inch PCI computer expansion slot)

COP-WIN/HRV (H or M) USB System Cardiac Output Program for Windows 2K,  XP(Pro), & Windows 7:  This system is functionally the same as the Standard system except that it acquires data via a USB data acquisition interface. The system includes Software, Manuals, USB Signal Interface and Signal Connection Box with connecting cables for the impedance cardiograph models HIC-2000/2500/4000.
Note: USB system does not require computer expansion board installation and therefore may also be used with notebook computers (1GHz Min). Software is the same as the Standard version.  This system requires a USB (1.1 or 2.0) connection!

NOTE! the COP-WIN/HRV software is capable of  acquiring  both Cardiac Output (ensemble averaged data) and RRI (R to R Interval) data files simultaneously or independently.  The acquired RRI data files are directly compatible with the Nevrokard HRV analysis software (sold separately). 

Nevrokard HRV analysis software which is sold separately!  Because of the fluctuating Euro-Dollar exchange rate we must require that you call for pricing!

COP-WIN/HRV Standard Upgrade for Version 5.x COP_WIN systems 




Call for Pricing!



    COP-WIN/HRV  Same-Customer, Second System Discount.
    COP-WIN/HRV Version 6.21 Upgrade from DOS versions COP 3.0 or 4.0
COPWORKS 5.10 Workstation for Windows Multi-user editing, printing, graphing, and analysis version of COP_WIN 5.0 for off-line data processing of up to 999 measurements. For use with COP_WIN Version 5 or AIM systems ONLY!.  (Not for Version 6.0 data files!)
COPWORKS 6.21  (is Workstation station version of COP-WIN/HRV)  Multi-station license for for off-line data processing, editing, printing, graphing, and analysis of all COP and AIM data file versions. (Note: Only the Workstation Version of COP-WIN will execute on computers that do not have the original COP-WIN data acquisition interface installed.)
 Requires Windows 2000,  XP Pro, Win 7
$ 795.00
COPWORKS 6.21  When purchased at the same time as the COP-WIN/HRV  System.
COPWORKS 6.21  Upgrade from COPWORKS 5.10 or earlier versions. $ 200.00
COP-BPSW Blood Pressure Synchronization Sensor , Computation of TPR and TPRI require a Mean Arterial Pressure value, if these are desired variables, COP-WIN will automatically compute them if BP values are available. This sensor allows any inflatable cuff type blood pressure monitor to initiate a COP Ensemble Average using the COP System's remote start input. This sensor works with most BP monitors that use an inflatable cuff by sensing cuff inflation to initiate a COP data acquisition epoch. The BP data produced by the monitor must be recorded separately, but can easily be edited into the COP data files after acquisition.
(NOTE! This sensor is not required for the COP-WIN/HRV/BP Systems using Version 6.01 (or later) and have Tango BP Monitor or the HIC-3000T.  BP data is acquired automatically with these systems and therefore they do not require post editing for computation of
TPR and TPRI. )

    NOTE: The BPSW is a single-threshold sensor and works with all COP-WIN  Systems! (Comes with a 10 ft. cable)

AIM-BPSW Blood Pressure Synchronization Sensor (Single Threshold Type). Same as above except has a shorter cable (4 ft.) for use with the AIM-8 Device.
AIM-BPSS Blood Pressure Synchronization "Smart Sensor" Allows automated oscillometric-type blood pressure monitors to initiate Ensemble Averaged Measurements in the AIM-8P monitor that are synchronized with the BP Measurements without problems of multiple impedance readings that are often encountered with oscillometric BP monitors when using the AIM-BPSW type sensor.

Complete AIM-8 Model F3 System Package for Acquisition, Recovery, and Analysis of Cardiac Performance Data from Ambulatory Individuals. Memory for up to 999 samples. Package Includes: One AIM-8 F3 Unit, AIM_HOST 4.0, COPWORKS 5.10, Electrode Cables, RS-232 Cable, Carrying Case(3"x4"x2"), & Manuals.

NOTE!   BIT will  supply one roll of  Cardiograph Electrode Tape with each HIC or AIM system package order.  As of January 2009, all future supplies of electrode tape may now be purchased from BIT as BIT is now the sole source of  Instrumentation For Medicine electrode tape!  




Basic AIM-8 Model F3 System Package for Acquisition, Recovery, and Analysis of Cardiac Performance Data from Ambulatory Individuals. Memory for up to 999 samples.

    Basic PackagesIncludes: One AIM-8 F3 Unit, AIM_HOST software, Electrode Cables, RS-232 Cable, & Manuals. NOTE: Does Not include COPWORKS 



              All AIM Accessories items are discontinued!

AIM8-EC532 Additional Impedance Electrode Cable (34" long with 5-Leads)
AIM8-RS232 Additional Communication Cable (DB-9 to 1/8" phone plug). Part # AIM8-RS232-3.5
SunTech Medical Tango+ BP Monitor (Model 99-0042-00) Basic BP monitor-acquisition system that directly interfaces with COP-WIN/HRV 
   (Call for special system upgrade offer to for current COP-WIN users.)
Nevrokard Scientific Data Analysis Software Products 
     Bio-Impedance Technology is the US and Canadian distributor for all Nevrokard software products.  Due to Euro-Dollar currency fluctuations BIT cannot publish dollar denominated prices for Nevrokard products.  Please call for a quotation. 

See the Nevrokard website for up to date product information!

Call for Quote
HIC-4000I Impedance Cardiograph - Integrated COP-WIN/HRV system with
  Integrated Cardiac Performance and HRV data acquisition system Version 6.21!
The HIC-4000I system includes COP-WIN/HRV software integrated with the HIC-4000 impedance cardiograph and USB data acquisition interface built into a single unit.  The HIC-4000I connects directly to the user's computer with a USB cable (does not require interconnecting cables for impedance signals as they are internally wired to the data acquisition system).

Call for pricing! 
Click here ---> HIC-4000 Product Information

Our "Top of the Line HIC-4000" in lab system!
HIC-4000I/T  Impedance Cardiograph - Integrated COP-WIN/HRV/BP V6.21 system
     Integrated Cardiac Performance, HRV, and Blood Pressure Data Acquisition!
The HIC-4000I/T is our most complete system as it contains all the features of  the HIC-4000I system plus a Tango Blood Pressure Monitor (with 1 cuff and required cables). This system acquires Cardiac Performance Data, BP data (automatic computation of TPR & TPRI), and RRI data (for HRV analysis)!   The HIC-4000I/T is also the only system that includes a separate ECG Electrode Cable. (See item HIC2000ECG3 below) This system also includes a the current version of COP-WORKS with multi-user license! 

DA (Digital to Analog) option for HIC-4000I Series and COP-WIN USB systems: 
This option provides analog output signals based upon the COP-WIN computed cardiac indices for use with other laboratory data acquisition and signal processing systems. Option consists of two user-selected cardiac performance signals and one Sync signal (pulse indicating new data available from DAC outputs). Note: This option
is standard on the HIC-4000I.

Note: Nevrokard HRV analysis
software is still sold separately, call for full system quote!

Accessory Items    Most items are discontinued!









HIC2000ECG3 Separate ECG Electrode Cable for HIC-2000/3000/2500 Instruments.  This cable should be used for acquiring the ECG signal when acquiring HRV data and/or interfacing to the SunTech Tango BP Monitor.
HIC-FLT3-5P Post Filter Module for HIC-2000 when used in noisy environments
(This Module is now standard in the newer HIC-2500 models)
HIC2000ZC10 4-Lead, 10 ft. Impedance Electrode Cable  (Still available, call for price!)
HIC2500-BNC6 Spare Set of 3 BNC to BNC cables for use with the HIC-2500 and COP-WIN systems.
MIN304B-BNC10 Set of 4 BNC to 1/4" phone cables for use with the Minnesota Impedance Cardiograph (M304B) and COP-WIN systems.
PCI-DAP model  840 (The COP_WIN Computer Data Acquisition Processor Board) Upgrade price for DAP model  820(ISA Bus) users upgrading  to newer computers which only have PCI Bus slots available.  (Note: the latest model of the DAP 840 only requires an 11" PCI slot.)

IFM Electrode Tape is STILL available from BIT! (Click Here)!



 **** Prices subject to change without notice! ****

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