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Effective September 2015: BIT has discontinued all HIC production!

IFM Electrode Tape is still available!

Please click IFM Electrode Tape


Effective July 31, 2013 SunTech Medical will discontinue the Tango Plus BP Monitor!   (A new Stress Test BP model is available, however BIT has not as yet confirmed compatibility with the CopWin/HRV system software and hardware).

November 1, 2010 we now have availability on both the HIC-2500 and HIC-4000 impedance cardiographs!

August 09, 2010  The new HIC-2500 impedance cardiographs will be available for purchase in September!!

March 15, 2010 
We are sorry to announce that the AIM-8 wearable cardiac performance monitors are no longer in production and we do not  have any units available for purchase. The cause of this action is that the embedded computer controllers and some of the electronic materials required for production of this product are no longer available. BIT will continue to support AIM units already sold as long as possible!!


January 31, 2010-Attention Nevrokard software users!

LT-aHRV ver. 5.0.0 and SA-LTaHRV ver. 5.0.0

 All present LT-HRV/SA-LTHRV customers may upgrade this product to LT-aHRV/SA-LTHRV ver. 5.0.0 (Contact BIT for pricing).

LT-aHRV ver. 5.0.0 and SA-LTaHRV ver. 5.0.0 are advanced LT-HRV/SA-LTHRV versions with the many new advantages:
See "What's New" on the Nevrokard website!  


September 8, 2009-Attention Nevrokard software users!

New BPV and BRS versions now include an automatic editor!. See "What's New" on the Nevrokard website!  


May 1, 2008-Attention Nevrokard SA-HRV software users!
Nevrokard has now released the Small Animal version of their aHRV (advanced HRV) analysis software. The old SA-HRV will no longer be available after June 30, 2008.  There will also not be any future updates for the SA-HRV version, only the new SA-aHRV will have future updates.  Please click here for more info!


January 2008-HAPPY NEW YEAR!  There are two new program updates available for 2008!  CopWin Version 6.21 and the Nevrokard advanced HRV (aHRV) analysis software.    
Click here for information on CopWin 6.21 Update!
Click here for information on Nevrokard  aHRV or Nevrokard Website

Our new Impedance Cardiograph the HIC-4000 is HERE !!
Call for pricing! 
Click here ---> HIC-4000 Product Information

February 16, 2007  COP-WIN 6.20 version release is available!  (This is the first full release of COP-WIN 6.20 (Contact BIT)  This version offers continuous PEP values on cycle by cycle basis among other new features.

November 1, 2005  COP-WIN and COPWORKS Version 6.10 are now available!  (This is a Free Upgrade for COP-WIN 6 users: Contact BIT)
COP-WIN Version 6.10 will add the option of "post" digital filtering of acquired data during the edit process in addition to enhance cardiac cycle editing.  It also adds a respiration channel to the data acquisition system.  If you are a current 6.0x  user and are interested updating to this newest version, please contact BIT! For an overview of  Version 6.10 enhancements and more  information on our new instrumentation to acquire respiration please see Cop610-Overview.pdf  

October 31, 2005  The Nevrokard Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening Program is now available!  
See the Nevrokard Website for more information!

September 1, 2005  Version 6.10 with respiration acquisition!  
BIT is ready to offer COP-WIN Version 6.10.  

January 26, 2005  Happy New Year!  BIT has completed an update for COP-WIN,  Version 6.02 is now available!
COP-WIN Version 6.02  adds software digital input filters to the COP-WIN data acquisition mode.  This feature could be especially useful for users who are still using the Minnesota 304b impedance cardiograph or one of the early HIC-2000 models that did not have the digital filter board option installed.  This version update will also permit using a "USB to RS232" converter to interface the Tango BP monitor to computers (such as a laptop) that do not have a standard RS232 comm port.  BIT has sent out an email notifying registered users that the update is available for free download, if you are a 6.0 or 6.01 user and have not been notified please contact us.

October  21, 2004  - Effective this date all the Nevrokard Software  programs now use a USB dongle for copy protection!

All BIT Nevrokard customers  who have purchased a Nevrokard analysis program from BIT within the one year warranty period (10/21/03 to 10/20/04) are entitled to a free USB dongle for their software.  This will permit users to continue to download free software updates as they become available.  This will also permit users to freely move their software installation from one computer to another as the software is only functional when the USB dongle is plugged into the host computer. BIT will attempt to contact and upgrade all warranty customers ASAP.  If you purchased your Nevrokard software from BIT within the warranty period and have not been contacted please feel free to contact BIT directly.

Sept  24, 2004  - COPWORKS Version 6.01 update FREE to all 6.0 users! 

COPWORKS (Version 6.01) has a new feature that has been added especially for AIM users who wish to do HRV analysis of EA data files produced by the AIM (also functions for COP-WIN EA files)! The COPWORKS program has been updated to permit easy HRV analysis of the cardiac cycle data contained in an EA (Ensemble Average) file provided the user has the Nevrokard HRV analysis software (Version 6.82 or later) installed on the same computer as COPWORKS.  If you are a COPWORKS 6.0 user and have not received an email with download instructions.  Please contact BIT. 

July 22, 2004  -
COP-WIN Version 6.01 available FREE to all 6.0 users! 

BIT has made COP-WIN/HRV/BP available as a free upgrade to
all COP-WIN 6.0  users. If you are a 6.0 user and have not received
an email with download instructions.  Please contact BIT.

June, 2004
BIT is a distributor for the SunTech Medical Tango BP Monitor. 
Please click the Products link price and product info!

May, 2004  - BIT is still updating COP-WIN Version 6.0 

BIT is now in the process of updating COP-WIN/HRV to give users the
option to create an automatic control and data link to the  SunTech
Tango BP Monitor.  BIT will also be a distributor for the Tango!

March, 2004  - Spring is Near!  New Products are Here!

BIT will be releasing  COP-WIN Version 6.0 for upgrades and new installations March 20 (1st day of spring)!  

In addition, BIT will soon be offering a new model of the Hutcheson  Impedance Cardiograph, the HIC-3000.  The new model of the HIC will be an integration of the impedance cardiograph and the COP-WIN/HRV software into one system package.  The HIC-3000 will have an integrated Data Acquisition Processor that will only require a USB connection to the computer (NO interconnecting cables or computer boards to install)!    Call BIT (919-960-7799) for availability and pricing!

January, 2004- Happy New Year!

BIT has now released  COP-WIN Version 6.0  for beta testing. This new version has been considerably enhanced and expanded over the originally planned 5.20 release, and includes many features that have been requested by our users.  

Version 6.0 has several modes of continuous R to R interval data acquisition for Heart Rate Variability Applications.  These modes offer acquisition independent of (or synchronized with)  Ensemble Average measurement duration and inter-sample intervals.  The new version  produces data files(RRI and Events) that are directly compatible with the NEVROKARD HRV analytical software. 

Download a description of the new features and enhancements for COP-WIN Version 6.0 Click Here!

Fall, 2003

BIT is now the distributor for NEVROKARD analytical software products in the USA and Canada! 

 These products include:

       HRV (Analysis of Heart Rate Variability)  

LT-HRV HRV software for segmented analysis of long-term ECG recordings, with numeric and 3D graphic output of results. Compatible with the same file types as Nevrokard HRV.

          BPV (Analysis of Blood Pressure)

       BRS (Baroreceptor Sensitivity Analysis)                

       LDDA (Software for analysis of single-channel or two-channel data obtained with Laser Doppler instruments for evaluation of microvascular perfusion.)

Please contact BIT for sales information or view the Nevrokard website for specific product information!

Nevrokard website


May, 2003

    Notebook Version of COP_WIN
    A notebook version of COP_WIN is now available!  This is version 5.10 of the COP data acquisition software and only requires connection to a USB port!   No boards to install!  Pricing is approximately $300 more than the standard COP_WIN system.  Call for details!
September, 2002
    Notebook Version of COP_WIN in the works
    A notebook version of COP_WIN will be available this fall!  This version of the COP data acquisition software will only require connection to a USB port!  No boards to install!
April 27, 2002
    New Version of COPWORKS available and the AIM Model 8F is in production! 
    BIT now has COPWORKS version 5.10 available for AIM-8 Model F3 users.  This new version permits access to data files numbered 001 through 999 instead of the previous limit of 199 files.  In addition to the capability to view up to 999 data files we have added a Zoom-Scroll feature to the Graph Data option.  This new feature permits Zooming in on/ or Scrolling through any particular group of data files in a session . 

    Please Note: Version 5.10 is a 32 bit executable and therefore is not a standard ".exe" upgrade from previous versions.  Version 5.10 requires Windows98 SE or later.

    The AIM-8 Model F3 is in production and reports from beta test sites have been good!  
January 22, 2002
    New AIM Monitor Model 8F ready for production!
    The AIM-8 Model F3 has now been alpha tested will be in production for beta test sites soon.  Also, there is good news for the future F3 AIM users, the model F3 will upload data 4 times faster than the model V3!  For more information on the Model F3, please see the March 22, 2001 announcement below.
December 22, 2001
    WebSite Now Viewable on Older Netscape
    Due to reported problems of viewing the BIT website using older versions of Netscape, changes have been made, making all image files now visible on, hopefully, all browser types. Please, report any problems to or call 919.960.7799. Thank you.

August 9, 2001
    New Upgrade of COP Almost Ready for Release
    BIT, Inc. is about ready to release another upgrade and version of COP_WIN and COPWORKS, Version 5.06. Existing customers will be sent a free upgrade copy within the next 3 or 4 weeks. The new COP version allows you more flexibility when using dZ/dt peaks and Electrode Distances on a EA by EA basis. Several new features and modifications have also been added.

    AIM with Flash Memory Not to be Released Until October
    The AIM-8F (or AIM-8-V3F) units and upgrades to AIM-8F's will not be available until late September or October, as it now stands. We are having some difficulties getting some of the custom materials in a timely fashion.

    A New, 'Smart' AIM Blood Pressure Sensor Developed
    We have just developed a new 'Smart' BP sensor arrangement for the AIM-8 devices (the AIM-BPSS) which eliminates the multiple triggering (multiple EA's) that occur with some of the newer oscillometric-type BP monitors like the 'Oscar' and the 'Space Lab' units. Extensive testing has revealed that these types of BP monitors can cycle the cuff pressure up and down over extreme pressure ranges up to 4 or 5 times in order to obtain one BP reading during difficult situations. This, in turn, causes the AIM-8 to take 4 or 5 readings (EA's) for the one BP measurement since the AIM has no way of knowing the BP monitor is throwing out readings and trying a new BP measurement again. This can fill up the AIM's memory with data well before it should, and also consumes unnecessary battery power in the AIM. The AIM-BPSS arrangement prevents this problem. To use this arrangement will require the New AIM-BPSS transducer ($250) and a new AIM code version (AIM-8P) to be loaded into existing AIM monitors.

    Price List Updated
    BIT's Price List has been updated to include the new AIM-BPSS.
July 5, 2001
    AIM-8-V3F Release Time Changed
    BIT announced on March 30, 2001 that the new AIM-8 monitor, the AIM-8-V3F, would be ready for release in August, 2001. The release date, however, was incorrect. The new AIM monitors are still undergoing testing and most likely will not be available until late this fall. We are very sorry for the misinformation.
March 30, 2001
    New AIM Monitor in Test Stages!
    BIT has just begun the test phase of its new AIM monitor, the AIM-8-F3. This monitor will function exactly as the AIM-8-V3, but it will be able to store more data (i.e. more Ensemble Averages), and, more importantly, it will have non-volatile, flash memory. With the new flash memory, the AIM-8-F3 will be able to store data and set-up information even if its power is cut. This means data won't be lost if a battery dies while a subject is under surveillance or while the computer is uploading data!

    Users with the AIM-8-V3 model will be able to upgrade to the new F3; however, this upgrade is not available for users of older AIM models.

    The new F3 model requires one additional computer board and one flash card (both produced by Persistor) in order to accommodate the new non-volatile, high capacity memory capabilities. The picture below shows the new computer board and flash card attached to the AIM module (board on far left).

    AIM's New Board

    With the additional memory boards, the AIM-8-F3 module is approximately " taller than the V3 module. The picture below shows the AIM-8-V3 module (left) and AIM-8-F3 module (right) side-by-side:

    AIM's New Board next to Old Board

    These additional memory boards used in the AIM-8-F3 require that a larger enclosure be used. The new AIM-8-F3 monitor is pictured below with the AIM module along side for comparison:

    AIM's New Board with New Enclosure

    For more information, please contact BIT.
April 3, 2001
    BIT's New Web Site!
    BIT has redesigned its web page, offering a simple, yet comprehensive guide to BIT 's products. Some pages are still under heavy construction, so please check the site frequently for updates.

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