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August 10, 2010  The HIC-2000 and HIC-3000 instruments are no longer available for purchase due to the fact that primary controller used in these impedance cardiograph models has been discontinued my the manufacturer.  Please click the Announcements button for information on the new HIC-2500 and the HIC-4000 impedance cardiographs.

May 1, 2007   BIT now offers the HIC-2000 directly to our clients (call for pricing)! 
It is no longer necessary to purchase the HIC-2000 through our distributor IFM

April 11, 2007   BIT has released Version 6.20 of COP-WIN ! 
COP-WIN Version 6.20 adds a special DSP software feature to the COP-WIN data acquisition mode in the form of a Real-Time PEP Detector.  This feature gives the user the option of cycle by cycle PEP values in each COPWIN data file and/or the option of a single data file of time stamped PEP values for continuous cardiac cycle acquisition similar to HRV acquisition. NEWS! Using version 6.20 NEW HIC-3000 and HIC-4000 purchasers will have the option to add  Analog  Output of computed EA parameters in real time via two Digital to Analog converter outputs now available as an option on the HIC-3000 and standard on the HIC-4000.  For available Analog Output Signals and scaling information please see: HIC-3000-DA manual.pdf

November 10, 2005  The Nevrokard  Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening Program is now available!  
See the Nevrokard Website for more information!

January 11, 2005  Happy New Year!  BIT is preparing an update for COP-WIN,  Version 6.02 should be available in late January!
COP-WIN Version 6.02 will add software digital input filters to the COP-WIN data acquisition mode.  This feature could be especially useful for users who are still using the Minnesota 304b impedance cardiograph or one of the early HIC-2000 models that did not have the digital filter board option installed.  This version update will also permit using a "USB to RS232" converter to interface the Tango BP monitor to computers (such as a laptop) that do not have a standard RS232 communications port.  BIT will send out an email notifying registered users when the update will be available for free download.

July 28, 2004  Small Animal versions of the Nevrokard software products are now available!

Nevrokard SA-HRV, ver. 1.00,  Nevrokard SA-BPV, ver. 1.00 and Nevrokard SA-BRS, ver. 1.00

These new software packages featuring frequency domain analysis of up to 5Hz and a resampling rate of 10Hz were designed for use with small animal data having a considerably higher heart rate than human subjects.

Nevrokard SA-HRV is complementary to the Nevrokard HRV File Preparation and Nevrokard HRV Analysis software designed for use in human subjects.

Nevrokard SA-BPV is complementary to the Nevrokard NK File Preparation and Nevrokard BPV Analysis software designed for use in human subjects.

Nevrokard SA-BRS is complementary to the Nevrokard NK File Preparation and Nevrokard BRS Analysis software designed for use in human subjects.

    See Products or Nevrokard wedsite for more info!

July 22, 2004  - COP-WIN Version 6.01 available FREE to all 6.0 users! 

BIT has made COP-WIN/HRV/BP available as a free upgrade to
all COP-WIN 6.0  users. If you are a 6.0 user and have not received
an email with download instructions.  Please contact BIT.

June, 2004 

BIT is now a distributor for the SunTech Medical Tango BP Monitor!  If you would
like to have automated BP data acquisition please click the Products link for more info on the Tango BP Monitor!

April 15, 2004 

The new HIC-3000 is now available!  The HIC-3000  is an integrated Impedance Cardiograph and COP-WIN/HRV system that only requires a USB connection to the host computer.  The HIC-3000 is also available directly from BIT.  

March 30, 2004   COP-WIN/HRV released! 

The COP-WIN/HRV program has now through it's beta test cycle and has been released for upgrade and new system purchases.  See Products for more info!

September, 2003

BIT is now a distributor for NEVROKARD analytical software products in the USA and Canada! See Products for more info!

May 28, 2003

has released a USB version of  COP_WIN.   Version 5.10 of the COP data acquisition software only requires a connection to a USB port;  there are no boards to install! Pricing is approximately $300 more than the standard COP-WIN system.  The USB version can be hosted by either a desktop or a laptop computer.

March 12, 2003

Recently, the AIMHOST, COPWORKS, and COP_WIN software systems and the AIM monitor computer code were upgraded. BIT sent the new software versions of the software, AIMHOST 3.0, COPWORKS 5.08, and COP_WIN 5.08, to customers with known email addresses via an email attachment. Information describing the updates appears below (COP_WIN upgrade info follows the AIMHOST and COPWORKS upgrade release) exactly as it appeared in the emailed updates that were sent to our customers. If you are a BIT customer and would like to receive a free software upgrade(s), please contact us (see our Home Page for contact information).


Bio-Impedance Technology, Inc. has recently made modifications to all of the impedance cardiography software, including COPWORKS and AIMHOST. These systems are updated regularly in order to remain "state of the art" in terms of performance and usefulness for research studies involving the noninvasive assessment of cardiac output information. The latest versions are COPWORKS 5.08 and AIMHOST 3.0.

Attached to this email are the software upgrade EXE files for the COPWORKS and AIMHOST systems. These files should be saved on a floppy disk for backup purposes and will need to be copied into the appropriate directories (i.e. copy COPWORK5.EXE into the COPWORKS directory and AIM_HOST.EXE into the AIMHOST directory). This will automatically upgrade the systems to the latest version, which should be indicated by the version number when the programs are launched. Useful modifications to the software will continue to be made and distributed over email to maintain high software quality and efficient data processing with these sytems.


The AIM-8 computer code has been modified, creating the latest version, AIM-8-V3. This new code cannot be provided unless the AIM-8 unit is shipped to Bio-Impedance Technology, Inc, where the new code can be downloaded. Once the code has been updated, the AIM unit will be returned immediately to the customer. AIM-8-V3 allows the CONTINUOUS/MANUAL Mode of operation to work correctly and prevents the AIM from having unnecessary early 'wake-ups' that cause the battery to drain more quickly. Please note that the new AIM-8-V3 code is NOT compatible with AIMHOST 2.0. The new code must be used with AIMHOST 3.0; however, the old AIM-8 code that most of the currently used units have is compatible with the new AIMHOST 3.0.


  1. COPWORKS version 5.08includes an intermediate software version that was released in the fall, COPWORKS5.04Q. This software upgrade fixed a bug that could affect the calculation of the Q-Wave in poor data quality situations.

  2. A new spreadsheet feature has been added to the COP system that allows for data to be saved in text format, importable by such spreadsheet editors as EXCEL and SAS. Thus, a new item in the FILE menu has been added entitled "Spreadsheet Format." When a spreadsheet is created, it is saved in the COP data directory that is currently open. To import the text file data into EXCEL, for example, open the file in EXCEL and a text import wizard will appear. Select 'Delimited' file type when prompted on the first screen, then click [Next]. On the next screen, have only the [Tab] option selected and double quotation mark as the text qualifier; a preview of the EXCEL document will be shown in this window. Click on [Next] to proceed. Select [General] as the column data format in the last window and then click [Finish] to complete the data import.

  3. Also, you can click on the [CLEAR DATA] button in AIMHOST to view the number of EAs the AIM has in memory at any time for uploading, and then press the ENTER key to return to the AIMHOST menu without Clearing the Data.

  4. AIMHOST version 3.0 now displays the version number of the new AIM-8-V3 code on the log-on screen and "Ready for Command" prompt. Also, the AIMHOST version is indicated on the Main Control screen.

  5. In the case that the AIM-8 has been disconnected from the computer, powered down, or has stopped transmitting the digitized impedance signals to AIMHOST for any reason, the SCOPE mode now features a QUIT Timer that is initiated after clicking on the STOP button, preventing the program from freezing.

  6. The setup window has been changed so that the Front and Rear Impedance Electrode Distance information is retained, for the same subject, after being entered once; therefore, the electrode distance information does not have to be re-entered for the same subject every time the setup menu is accessed, unless desired.

  7. The continuous/manual mode of operation now works when the AIMHOST version 3 software is combined with the AIM-8-V3 code. In the new software, the mode of operation has been changed from -1 to 3; however, everything else about the operation has remained the same as specified in the manual.

  8. A situation where the RHO value was being changed by the subject's average electrode distance being shifted into the RHO parameter due to commas appearing (entered) the subject's Name field in the patient information has been corrected. Although commas should never be entered as part of a subject's name, address, etc., COPWORKS and "Windows " will ignore this error situation.

  9. In COPWORKS, the DATA SCAN feature of selecting cardiac cycles to be removed or included has been made easier to perform with the mouse by enlarging the target points corresponding to each cardiac cycle.

  10. A "Delete File" button has been added in COPWORKS to the EDIT window to allow the user to delete an Ensemble Averaged Measurement File directly from disk. The user is first warned and forced to acknowledge this procedure before executing the task.

  11. COPWORKS's TPR re-computing and updating following some edit operations (i.e. clicking on AUTO button following an erroneous manual edit operation) has been modified to operate correctly under ALL conditions.

  12. The occasional problem of Heart Rate getting set to zero under certain conditions, in COPWORKS, has been corrected.


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