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The AIM Blood Pressure (BP) Remote Start Sensor is an optional accessory that is useful when using the AIM-8-V3 simultaneously with a blood pressure monitor. This sensor enables the AIM-8-V3 to automatically synchronize the impedance measures and computed cardiac indices with the blood pressure measures when using any blood pressure monitor. This is accomplished by connecting the BP Sensor to the AIM-8-V3's P-SW input jack. The BP sensor is a 1.0" square by 0.5" thick pressure transducer that is inserted in series with the air-hose connected to a blood pressure cuff (please see diagram below). When the pressure in the BP cuff reached 80mmHg, the AIM-BPSW sensor sends a signal to the AIM-8-V3 device causing it to begin an ensemble-average measurement. The AIM-BPSW sensor is NOT automatically included as part of the Complete or Basic AIM System Package.

For specific installation information and product description, please see AIM-BPSW set-up information on our Applications Information web page.

AIM-BPSW diagram

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