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  • HIC Separate ECG Cable

HIC Separate ECG Cable Assembly

HIC-2000 Electrode Cable Assembly

The HIC-2000 detects the ECG signal using impedance electrodes numbers 1 and 3; however, the Separate ECG Cable offers a greater flexibility for positioning the electrodes on the subject, allowing the user to more easily achieve a strong ECG signal. BIT recommends that a Separate ECG Cable be used at all times. A cable is not, however, included with each system because some users prefer not to use the cable in order to keep the number of electrodes required on the subject low.

The Separate ECG Cable is activated when the red pushbutton labeled ‘ECG’ and located on the front panel of the HIC-2000 is latched (or pushed-in). When this button is unlatched (or pushed- out), the HIC-2000 uses its internal ECG detecting

Below is a picture that shows where the Separate ECG cable connects to the HIC:

HIC with Electrode and Separate ECG Cables

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