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  • HIC Electrode Cable Assembly

HIC Electrode Cable Assembly

HIC-2000 Electrode Cable Assembly

As can be seen in the picture above, the impedance electrode cable assembly consists of four miniature coaxial cables terminating in a 9-pin male (DB-9) connector at the instrument end and small, alligator clips at the subject end. Each of the coax cables is labeled with the electrode number and should be applied to either the Mylar bands or disposable spot electrodes on the subject. The DB-9 male connector mates with the female connector labeled Z-IN on the HIC’s front panel.

One, 10’ cable is included with each HIC-2000 purchased from IFM. Additional cables may be ordered as well. Cables up to 20’ in length will be specially made upon request and can either be included with a HIC Package Purchase instead of the 10’ cable, or be purchased in addition to the 10’ cable.

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