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COP-WIN/HRV Software System

COP_WIN Software System
Stand Alone COP-WIN/HRV Data Acquisition (no ICG) 

COP-WIN/HRV is the Cardiac Output Program for Windows, which acquires, processes, and edits bioelectric impedance signals produced by any impedance cardiograph*. Cardiac output, stroke volume, systolic time intervals, and cardiac contractility indices are automatically computed and displayed on the computerís screen during both the data acquisition and the editing phase. COP-WIN/HRV also offers the option to simultaneously acquire HRV data (analysis program sold separately). The program is designed to operate on-line with the output signals from an impedance cardiograph (e.g. Minnesota Model 304B or the HIC2000), (COP-WIN/HRV is sold as an integrated part of HIC-3000 and HIC-4000I). The COP-WIN/HRV system may be used for both medical research and clinical research applications under the supervision of qualified personnel. The Standard System (non integrated) includes the COP-WIN/HRV software for Windows on CD or diskette, a Microstar Model 840 DAP (data acquisition processor module requiring desktop computer with one  PCI expansion slot), a Signal Input Unit (SIU) with interconnecting ribbon cable, a set of four coaxial data cables for connecting the impedance cardiograph signals to the SIU, and a comprehensive user reference manual for the COP-WIN system (see photo above).     

The Standard system is also available with a USB data acquisition interface instead of the Microstar DAP!  The USB version has the Data Acquisition Processor built into the SIU box requiring only a USB cable connection to the host computer and therefore may be used with a laptop or desktop computer.  

The HIC-3000 and HIC-4000I Integrated Systems only require no interconnecting cables and only a USB connection to your computer!   

All Versions have the option of simultaneous  BP data acquisition (purchased separately).

Respiration Rate is also available with COP-WIN version see

  COP-WIN/HRV click here for more Information

COP-WIN/HRV is an integrated part of the HIC-3000 and HIC-4000I  Impedance Cardiographs, however
an Impedance Cardiograph is NOT included with the COP-WIN/HRV Standard (stand alone) system. 

* Given that the impedance cardiograph is capable of producing appropriate levels of analog output signals corresponding to the impedance cardiography parameters.

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